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Home Insurance Rate Increases

Sticker Shock has become a common feeling when opening up your Home insurance renewal. Rates have gone up in most cases by 50% and some cases as much as 100% or more. There are many factors that go into the reasoning for the increase some of them being


Rampant roofing fraud, runaway litigation and rising replacement costs of homes due to inflation. With little in the way of relief coming many homeowners are looking for ways to stem the cost of the increases. Some are taking to higher deductibles while also lowering coverage or excluding some coverages all together.


There are some common sense options when it comes to trying to lowering your annual cost of your policy. Making sure you have UpToDate Wind Mitigation done on your home is one. Many homeowners forget to get one after they update there roof or add shutters to the home which can give a big discount on your cost. Alarm system with water monitoring and fire alarm as well as burglar monitoring makes your home look more appeasing to the carriers while also giving you a discount. Have your agent run a new replacement cost estimator to make sure that you are not over insuring your home as well as lowering content coverage can save on the overall premium.


There is not a real quick fix to the problems that are plaguing the Insurance industry. The Legislature has been looking at ways to curtail the issues but have not come to solution as of yet. The forecast for premiums is bleak and looking tough for the next couple of years. Expectation are for the pain to last for the foreseeable future. Make sure that you are talking to your Insurance Advisor to help navigate you and your family to the best outcome for your Insurance needs